Fortnite has been one of the most beloved online shooter games ever since it first came out and it is regarded as one of the best games in the last decade. Its battle royal mode has turned into a powerhouse in the world of gaming, and for many players, it’s basically the only online game out there.

This article outlines some of the Fortnite maps for the players to try out. These include team deathmatches, zone wars, and unique games like prop hunts or escape rooms. They can also be played with a duo, trio, squad, or even more.


 The creative mode of Fortnite allows the players to create their own maps and, therefore, a unique player experience. One of the best of such maps is Fortpohbia. The map is a recreation of Phasmophobia within Fortnite’s Creative map creator. Fortophobia is an almost flawless replica of Phasmophobia in terms of gameplay.

The map is made for as many as four players, and the theme is horror and ghost, as with phobia. The map also has a puzzle element, as the players can find and unlock certain features.


 Teddy is a map that takes inspiration from Dead By Daylight or Friday the 13th. The player is pitted against the opponents in the rest of the lobby. The survivors must gather keys and items to escape whichever map they are on. On the other hand, Teddy (the killer) must seek out all of the other players and take them out using their harvesting tool.

It’s an interesting departure from the typical battle royal mode. It can be played by as many as seven players, with only one hunter (Teddy). It’s also one of the most popular maps to bet on as a part of the eSport team gameplay. Online gambling sites that allow the players to bet on Fortnite also provide playing Plinko games with BTC.

SkyBlock Adventure

 SkyBlock Adventure is an interesting mix between Fornite and Minecraft. Skyblock Adventure is a Creative map that takes the Skyblock mode from Minecraft and recreates it in Fortnite’s very own font.

The players start on small islands and use their available building materials to build their way to their opponents. There’s also a final boss hunter competing against all the players at once. It accommodates up to four players, and different difficulties are available.


 Cosmohobia is very different from the other games with similar names on our list. It’s also a Creative map, showing how complex the tool is and what kind of maps the players can produce with it. This map is a spaceship that aliens are currently taking over. Not only that, but the ship is just about irreparable at this point.

There are eight individual missions for the players to complete while moving from one part of the ship to the other. It’s a mixture of horror and exploration map with a free-for-all mode in which all players are pitted against each other and the NPCs. It can be played by four players.

Motorcycle Color Switch

 Motorcycle Color Switch is part of a wide and complex genre of maps known as party maps. Originally, Color Switch was a game mode that placed all players on a large, tiled floor, each tile representing a different color.

The game’s goal is for the players to stay within the plot of land of a color assigned to them. In this particular map, this goal should be achieved while the players are on their motorbikes. The most daring moments come when jumping from one colored plot to the other.

Ultimate Spleef

 The Ultimate Spleef is inspired by a similar mode of gameplay made for Minecraft. All the players start the game on a single floor, and the goal is to be the last man standing. In order to make the other players lose, the opponents need to break the fall beneath them so they fall to their death.

What makes the game different from the Minecraft versions is that the players can use a wide variety of tools to achieve this goal. This map can accommodate as many as ten different players at once.

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall

 Prop Hunt quickly became one of the most popular mini-games out there. As soon as Fortnite players could create their own maps, it was only a matter of time before they were going to make a Prop Hunt version of a Fortnite map.

It places players inside a multilevel mall. Props will need to use various items to blend in with their environment, and the hunters must use their skills to eliminate the Props before the time runs out. The game can be played by as many as 50 players at once, making for somewhat unruly gameplay.

Imposter Gun Game

 Gun Game is one of the most widely played alternative modes in Fortnite. In fact, Epic itself has promoted this mode, calling it “the Epic’s pick.” Imposter Gun Game is one of this mode’s most widely played maps. Gun Game is a game mode where you work your way through a series of weapons by scoring kills.

This map is a 1:1 replica of the old Imposter mode map that Fortnite had made. The map accommodates as many as 16 players, and in a way, it’s free for a mode where players are all pitted against each other, and they have better weapons as the players are eliminated.


  Dodgecoal is one of the newest maps on our list, but it quickly soared in popularity due to it being featured on the Epic front page. It’s a Fortnite version of the game of dodgeball.

Players will be split up into two different teams, and on the back walls of each team, coal will spawn as items for players to pick up. They can throw the coal at their opponents in order to strike them out and win the game. That’s where the name comes from. There’s a max of 30 players.


 Zombie modes used to be very popular with the players of Call of Duty and Fortnite, and they have followed this tradition and have many such maps. The mode is simple: the players are fighting against a vast horde of zombies without weapons. Instead, the zombies mindlessly charge the players at all times.

The players use different ranged and melee weapons to fight back. It accommodates five players simultaneously, encouraging team play and cooperation. Zombienite is a survival game, and the players lose when the zombies eat them.

Only Up Fortnite

 Only Up and Get Over were popular games on their own, and as is the case with other online games, they quickly got the Fortnite map based on the games. Only Up Fortnite is a direct copy of Only Up itself. There are also some maps that are based on Get Over, but add their own twist.

Only Up Fortnite! starts players off on the ground, where a complex and seemingly endless tower of random items climbs themselves upward toward the sky. The goal of the game is for players to conquer this tower of random objects and make their way to the top. It accommodates 50 players.


Which one of these maps have you tried, and which you’ll try next?

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