Cricket might not necessarily be one of the most popular sports in the world, however it still attracts millions of viewers and players across the globe, with places like England, India, Pakistan and Australia (amongst others) all having a vast share of the audience figures.

Indeed, like many sports, there have been a number of cricket games to have been produced for various platforms over the years and there are still some that have stood the test of time, despite the ever-changing nature of the sport.

Here are just some of the very best to have been developed and created:

1. Cricket 19

Cricket 19 by Big Ant Studios is perhaps one of the best games to have been designed for the PC. The game was launched in 2019 in collaboration with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

When you enter the game, you can evolve into a player and a leader. You can start with player selection, logo sponsors, uniform design, etc. to build a team from scratch. You can have your own team.

Players can participate in national competitions, ODI, test competitions, etc. This is also one of the best IPL cricket games available as well. You can practice with your teammates. If you play well, you may become the next captain to lead the nation in international competitions.

Players can create their own logos, uniforms and can participate in T20, ODI and Test Match formats that have stunning graphics.

2. EA Sports Cricket 07

Although the PC version of Cricket 07 was released in 2006, it is still popular today. It was developed by HB Studios and EA Canada, and published by EA Sports, for a number of different devices. At the time the game was produced, it had good graphics and featured England star of the time, Andrew Flintoff.

There are many formats in the game. The knockout game allows eight players to decide the number of wins and win trophies. The Test Series will involve players from both teams in a series of up to six games. The World Series will allow three to five teams to play at Australian Stadiums. The longest cricket game you can play is the World Championship, where you need to beat 15 teams to win the trophy.

The features that were introduced in EA Sports Cricket 07 were rather revolutionary at the time and have become integral in newer game titles, such as ‘Quickplay’ settings and difficulty levels. The weather can be controlled, whilst the gameplay feels realistic with some of the top names in the commentary booth at the time lending their voices to the game.

The action is not just limited to international fixtures, though, as players can play on the domestic circuit as well.

3. Brian Lara Cricket 2005

Brian Lara Cricket 2005 arguably changed the face of cricket games and helped them to become what they are today. The game used many elements from the real game, such as hawk-eye and the ball tracker technologies, whilst also boasting a full license to provide real players, teams and competitions.

Multiple formats of the game were made available, whilst there were difficulty levels and controls in order to tailor the gameplay experience. Experience was a key factor when playing with a created team, just as it would be in reality.

4. International Cricket Captain 2010

International Cricket Captain is the Football Manager series equivalent for the world of cricket and its 2010 edition is perhaps one of the best to have been produced. Players could manage their team across all formats, whilst players would be created as older statesmen would retire when they reached a certain age. Teams could also be modified via the method of acquisition and recruitment – therefore providing something incredibly different to the market at the time.

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