Fans of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game are well aware of such melee weapons as a Karambit knife. In the virtual world, not a single close combat takes place without this knife. However, newcomers may not be aware of the possibility of changing the designs of skins. It means that your Karambit may be painted blue, pink, or yellow, as well as many different patterns applied. In this review, we will give you a detailed overview of the Karambit skins available on the market, as well as their prices. Let’s start.

Karambit Designs and Prices

For any CS:GO player, a knife is the most honorable and authoritative way to prove the presence of skill or a certain status. A player who has a knife of any quality, rarity, design, and type will have respect among teammates simply because he has this weapon in his hands. To purchase CSGO Karambit, you will either have to pay a decent amount for it or collect items to trade for the same amount. In this case, you will have to hope that the trader will be ready to give you an item in the same price range as all your items in total.

People fell in love with Karambit for its amazing animation and general appearance. The cost for this item starts from $600 and can reach impressive heights for the unique design. For example, ohnePixel analyst has revealed the Karambit skin called Case Hardened. It has a rather rare pattern (387), due to which the knife blade turns blue, and the minimum wear rate is 0.048082963.

According to the analyst, if the current owner wanted to sell the knife, for example on specialized sites in China, its price could reach $800,000. ohnePixel’s words were also confirmed by other collectors whom he consulted. At the moment, the record deal in CS:GO is the purchase by Chinese collectors of StatTrak AK-47 | Case Hardened with four Titan Holographic Stickers as well as Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore with the same stickers. As for the Karambit skins, you should be prepared for the fact that these skins are not as cheap as other weapons. So, let’s have a look at some of the most fascinating examples below:

1)   Gamma Doppler

This skin is known for its black and silver metallic paints and marbled pattern. There are some green flecks on the blade and the circle, which get more or less intense depending on the phase. For example, Phase 2 Gamma Doppler naturally has more green in its design, which also makes it more attractive for CS:GO players. The Emerald analog is the greenest one. The price range of the skin varies depending on the presence of StatTrak and the wear rate. For example, the StatTrak Factory New version of the knife may cost $1,400, while the regular version will cost you $1,070. Sometimes, the price difference is significant.

2)   Lore

It is another beautiful Karambit skin to have in your inventory. While the handle has a nice green hue, the blade is covered with gold and has a nice oriental pattern. This item can become a real treasure in your collection, while its unique design may hypnotize your enemies on the battlefield. Just like with the previous design, the price range varies on the wearout rate and the presence of the StatTrak feature: in general, the minimal price starts at $450 for the Battle-Scarred item.

3)   Marble Fade

Just like Gamma Doppler, this magnificent knife immediately catches the eye of the opponents: its blue, red, and yellow shades simply hypnotize you. This item can still be dropped from the Chroma cases, but this possibility is so small that we don’t recommend relying on it. You can buy Karambit | Marble Fade in a good condition for $1,000, which is a good price considering the possibility of further resale.

4)   Case Hardened

It is truly one of the most anticipated and bright knives in CS:GO. As the description says, it has been hardened through the application of wood charcoal at a high temperature. Of course, this is a nice legend, but the design looks exactly like this: blue, gray, and yellow shades overlap each other on the blade. This item has been added to many CS:GO cases, so you can still drop some of them or buy them at $650 in the marketplace.

5)   Night

Unlike all the previous designs, this skin looks calmer and more stylish. The individual parts of this skin are spray-painted, so its blade is matte-gray, as well as part of the handle. However, many people like this skin for its simplicity and relatively cheap price. Indeed, this skin can be purchased for just $500.

Where to Get Karambit Knife Skins in CS:GO

In general, you have five possible ways to get Karambit knife skins, each of which is worthy of attention:

  • This is the easiest option. If you have at least $600, then the choice is more than interesting;
  • Participate in contests from trusted bloggers and streamers. If they really give away prizes, then you can be the one who wins it;
  • Receive as a gift. Some players who have a lot of money are willing to give away skins for free. There have been cases when collectors initiated a draw to popularize their streaming channels;
  • Get a drop from the case. You will have to spend more than $100 to drop a knife. Although, you may get lucky and have it accidentally. Still, some players invest a lot of money for such purchases;
  • Get on a special site to exchange for other goods.

However, remember that after receiving a knife, most likely, you will lose interest in it. A knife skin is good if you know how to use it and not just have it. So, if you managed to get a rare Karambit skin, try to enjoy it. Good luck!



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