During the existence of Minecraft, so many mods and Minecraft Servers have appeared that in this regard, the game can compete on an equal footing with such giants of the gaming industry as Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V, and even Garry’s Mod. Only on CurseForge, the largest modding portal, there are more than 73 thousand modifications.

So, in this article, you will learn about the best mods for Minecraft.

  1. Minecraft Forge

It’s a program that allows mod builders to use all the richness of the toolkit and players to install different mods without fear that they will conflict. Minecraft Forge includes not only the classic Minecraft Coder Pack toolkit but also ForgeModLoader — a program that allows you to install and remove mods with one button without fear of conflicts. It also keeps track of recipes: if some ingredients are called differently in different modifications, the game will still understand what goes where.

  1. OptiFine

OptiFine is another auxiliary mod: it solves the problem with the game performance on too weak and too powerful machines, increasing the frame rate (in some cases almost twofold). In addition, it improves the rendering distance of objects, supports HD textures, and adds several graphics settings.

With OptiFine, you can add shaders and dynamic lighting, antialiasing, turn on anisotropic filtering, adjust the desired fog and cloud height, make water clear and transparent, and snow and grass — more realistic. And also, the modification automatically saves the game at specified periods. In general, many MC players consider it one of the most necessary mods for MC.

  1. Just Enough Items

Just Enough Items is a must-have modification for new Minecraft players. It stores all the recipes for the game blocks and items and allows players to see what is needed to create them. The mod also allows cheating: when you click on an item, the mod adds it to your inventory. This is more interesting to those who build huge worlds and do not want to spend time crafting each piece.

  1. Millenaire

Not everyone likes that any Minecraft world is empty at the beginning. The Millenaire mod successfully solves this problem — its territories are filled with non-playable characters, whole villages full of people. And all of them do not sit idly — they multiply, increasing the population, building and expanding their homes, growing vegetables, and engaging in their crafts. You can make friends and trade with them, and you’ll be rewarded with unique items.

Thanks to Millenaire, in the world of Minecraft, there can appear villages of the XI century Normans, Indians, Japanese, Mayans, Byzantines, Inuits, or Seljuk Turks. Over time, the developers promise to add other nations and civilizations.

  1. BuildCraft

When we talk about BuildCraft, we mean a whole set of different “crafts.” Several modifications expand the possibilities of resource extraction and the creation of various items. And BuildCraft is one of the largest. He adds the most important production elements: engines, gears, pipes for transportation, machines for mining, and even the relevant technology — for instance, electricity. The mod is so large-scale that they even release separate addons to it.

IndustrialCraft2 is also dedicated to industrial progress — it adds options for using electricity: weapons, tools, armor, jetpacks, and various mechanisms for generating electricity (there’s even a nuclear reactor). Metallurgy, electrical engineering, agriculture, brewing, and other industries also play a prominent role.


As you can see, mods for Minecraft are very diverse. This diversity allows for breathtaking gameplay variety and will allow you to implement all your creative impulses in the game. The main thing is to be able to install them.

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