Back in 2016, the number of smartphone users reached 2.1 billion. Interestingly, the rate of ownership will increased by over a third at end of this year, at which time an estimated over three billion people will own a handset across the globe.

The growth and sophistication of mobile technology has also driven the app industry, which now offers a huge range of free and paid platforms across a vast array of different genres.

The number of available sports betting apps and games in the U.S. is growing at a particularly exponential rate too, given the fact that law makers in some states have already legalised sports betting and it seems inevitable now that more will follow- and quickly.

We are also amidst the mobile world where brands are fighting it out for your dollars and your attention. However, without further ado, here’s our breakdown of the best apps you should have as a sports fan on your smartphone.


If you’re searching for a fun, arcade-style mobile gaming experience then we definitely recommend NBA jam which is the mobile incarnation of one of the best basketball games off time classic.

Downloand and start playing and you’ll soon be hit by nostalgia, the graphics take you back to another world (but not in a bad way) and of course who could get tired of hearing that famous catchphrase everybody knew from their youthL Boomshakalaka!

The only slight gripe with NBA jam is that the rosters aren’t updated as often as tou might like so don’t hold out expectations that you will be able to see all the current NBA stars. However, there’s very little negative to say about this mobile game- especially when you’ll soon spend hours attempting to secure a monster dunk.


We start with the most popular and updated sports app across both Android and iOS, which covers a huge range of mainstream disciplines.

The ESPN app brings real-time news and updates to users nationwide, including everything from live scores and streams to cutting-edge analysis and betting tips.

This app is popular amongst the vast majority of sports fans in the States, whilst in addition to the free version there’s also a paid monthly subscription service that allows a wider range of features.


Launched towards the end of 2015 in a number of countries across the globe, Betstars is now available in some states in the U.S. and it’s regarded as one of the best and most popular apps from review and sports tips site

Immersive, with an impressive range of sports and markets to wager on, the app offers a sleek and seamless experience too which bolsters its appeal for sports fans who like to be on the go.

In legalised statesm BetStars is available via desktop and smartphone and can be downloaded via both the iOS and Android app stores.

CBS Sports

Just like ESPN, CBS Sports also provide real-time mobile insight into live scores, statistics and analysis.

It’s also possible to personalise the notifications that you receive through this application, whilst there’s a live streaming options for sports like basketball and golf.

Once again, there’s also a paid subscription service available here, which offer users access to on-demand game highlights, a wider range of live streams and additional broadcasts.

Yahoo Sports

Next on our list is Yahoo Sports, which is a fee app that delivers all of the essential sports news in real-time to users.

These updates include the very latest scores, statistics and breaking developments, whilst there’s also a huge range of stories written by sports analysts and leading pundits.

This platform offers the latest news from the worlds of NHL, NCAA, MLS and the NFL, whilst it has recently branched out to include updates from international soccer tournaments such the Premier League, La Liga and the Champions League.


Next up is theScore app, which is an extremely popular app and one that’s renowned for delivering instant game updates to users.

This app arguably outshines its users in this respect, whilst it also boasts an event calendar that allows players to keep track of upcoming games and the very latest in-game statistics.

The iOS and Android app also provides detailed game reports, which breakdown specific statistics for each play and individual teams.


We close with the Eurosport app, which has an incredibly user-friendly interface and one that provides a wealth of information across international sports and leagues.

Interestingly, the Eurosport app also delivers the very latest sports calendar and live scores to users, with these updated in real-time and with tremendous accuracy.

At present, the site also published an average of 150 objective and informative news articles every single day, which provides a source of knowledge that enables you do everything from select your fantasy sports team to make informed betting selections.


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