For those born in the 90s, classic video games played a significant role in our early lives and still take us on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. We spent countless hours playing these games, but we may not have realized the casino-style element that many of them possessed.

Some of these features were revolutionary at the time. They paved the way for the casino gaming industry, which is now one of the most significant sectors in the global gaming industry.

This article will look at the best retro casino video games of all time. From classic slots to classic table games, we’ll be covering all the best titles in gambling history that you can still play today.

What Makes A Retro Casino Game?

This question can be the cause of some debate amongst gaming enthusiasts. Depending on your age range, a retro casino game could be a game released in 2005. For others, it might look like Tetris or Space Invaders, which go back over 40 years.

We’ll be keeping it seriously retro with our choices today to avoid doubt. The options we have settled upon go back decades.

Super Mario 2

The second instalment of one of the biggest gaming franchises isn’t exactly the first game that springs to mind when discussing retro casino video games. When it was initially released over three decades ago, many analysts probably wouldn’t consider it a casino game. However, hear us out.

Multiple components of the game mirrored some of the top casino games. First and foremost, Nintendo wanted to create an innovative game that would engage players worldwide. In 1989, the gaming market was still in its primitive stages.

Nobody knew how far it would expand, and very few predicted the industry we see today, where e-sports tournaments are selling out arenas on multiple continents.

As well as the groundbreaking gameplay, Super Mario 2 contained a series of minigames, similar to Chinese slot machines, that you had to explore successfully to advance to the next level. For those who remember when this game was released initially, it was an integral feature of the SNES. Of course, there was a lot more to this game than playing an adapted version of a slot machine, but the fact it is a retro game and contains the slot feature is why we’re including this landmark title in our article today.

Casino Kid

1989 was a big year for retro casino video games. Casino Kid was another pioneering game developed by Nintendo, who were stamping their mark on an industry. They are still one of the huge players in this market today.

This game is far more casino themed than Super Mario 2, as it follows the main character’s quest to beat an evil Las Vegas-based casino boss. You play various casino games to get the upper hand over the evil boss, including games such as blackjack and roulette. Casino Kid was a creation of its time, and although it isn’t widely played today, its impact lived on through the multiple titles it inspired.


We’ve only touched on our two favorite games today, and plenty more titles followed these innovative releases, whereby you could play immersive games in more detail. The focus for casino gaming and retro titles has now focused on mobile gaming, with some games gaining popularity over the last few years.

One such way retro games are returning to fashion is via remakes and fresh installments of old classics. If you browse online for these games, you will be able to find dozens of these titles to play instantly.

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