In the gaming world, there are some games that transcend the test of time. Titles such as Super Mario Bros, Pac-Man, and Tetris have achieved fame unlike any other. These have become so iconic and ingrained in popular culture that they are some of the most recognizable games in the world. But there are also video games out there that have faded into obscurity despite being hugely popular and highly praised at the time of their release. These games deserve a second chance and the remake treatment. Here are the best retro games that need a reboot in 2022.

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Another thing when it comes to submitting your math and science homework, many students are constantly seeking ways How to Cheat on Webwork. Webwork is an online homework delivery system for its dedication to providing a student-centric environment. However, cheating isn’t recommended at all. On the gaming part, when overdone, these games can see your grades lower because you’ll be spending the most time on the game. But, this doesn’t mean that you miss the fun. Here are the top games worth the revival:

  • Battle Mania

One of the best retro games that need to be rebooted is battle. Released first in North America as Trouble Shooter, this game was a side-scrolling run and gun game that was very popular at the time.

This game was challenging, but it was very addicting. It was an excellent game for players who loved to put up a good fight.

  • Adventures of Lolo

Another exciting game worth the revival is this game, Adventures of Lolo. The reason why this game is worth the attention is because

  • Super Mario Bros

A classic game that has been around since 1985 is the first Super Mario game. This game is still worth the revival because it holds an important place in the gaming culture. Going back to the game and playing with friends is a way to experience the nostalgia that many players felt.

One exciting thing about this game is the unpredictable enemies. The first time the players encountered each enemy, they were already familiar with how to defeat it. Enemies were easily defeated as long as players used their knowledge from previous enemies. Mario started as a 2D platformer and became an iconic figure because of this.

  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Another great game that deserves a revival is Kirby’s Epic Yarn. This game was remastered in 2010, but it would likely have much more success if it came out for the Switch. The reason why I believe this is because the game would have a lot more potential for a sequel. The game is entirely adorable, and young gamers will have a lot of fun with this game.

This retro game

  • Bully

Bully is a video game that Rockstar developed. It was initially released on the PlayStation 2 in 2006. The game is set in the fictional city of Bullworth. It revolves around a 15-year-old boy named Jimmy Hopkins, who starts his first day at Bullworth Academy. Jimmy then realizes that the only thing standing between him and total anarchy and freedom to do whatever he wants is the chaos that is the norm at Bullworth Academy.

Bully is a game that deserves a revival because it’s a fun game, but it is also a game that can raise awareness of many issues in the world today.

  • Gimmick!

One of the games that Sunsoft was good at releasing was Gimmick! What made Gimmick unique is that it came out in 1989 when the Nintendo Entertainment System was at its peak. Gimmick! was a puzzle game that was a mix of Tetris and Pipe Dream. The puzzle game was fun and addictive. The game is pretty simple. You place the blocks on the sides of the puzzles. You have a limited time to place the blocks. Once you place the blocks, you release the blocks, fall, and try to form a block of 3 or more blocks.

  • Penguin Land

It’s also hard not to mention this game from Sega. The game was first released in 1983 when known as just Penguin. The game was released in Japan and Europe, though the US version seems slightly different. Taito made a version of the game in 1984 that added Mario, a car, and the turtle enemies. I’m not very familiar with the game, but I’ll try and give it some love. You control a penguin through a winter wonderland, collecting fish and avoiding the enemies.

  • Star Soldier

Last but not least is this game, Star Soldier. This retro game is my absolute favorite and is full of nostalgia for me because I played this game growing up. You are in control of a spaceship whose objective is to shoot anything that moves, and everything moves.


If you enjoyed the old-school video games, you understand what it feels like to play something nice. This article contains some of the best retro games you may have enjoyed while growing up. When revived, these games can help re-ignite our childhood memories while also making our gaming experience even better.

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