If you are a die-hard fan of old school gaming, you will be pretty excited to find out that there are retro consoles built today and adapted to modern technology. Most of these consoles come with some of the best classic retro games that are extremely fun to play. This nostalgia path is not new to console manufacturers, as they always try to bring back to life some of their most popular consoles.

Another good thing is that almost all of the retro consoles are now in miniature form due to technology improvements so you would not have to make space for a big bulky box in order to enjoy retro gaming. Unfortunately, most of the retro consoles built today are not equal to their predecessors, as they have some improvements in order to be playable on modern technology.

Which might not be that bad, as they some of them now run without problems and as fast as a horse running in the Breeders Cup classic. Also, most of them come with pre-selected games, so you would not be able to expand your portfolio.

In this article, we selected some of the best retro consoles that are brought back to life, that you might be interested in.

  1. Super NES Classic by Nintendo

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This is one of the best consoles created from Nintendo and it is a miniature 16-bit console that includes some of the best original games that you need. Unfortunately, somehow they did not improve all the problems that the original console, so you’ll have to struggle just as much as you would play the original.

There are 21 games included in the library including games from an era that changed gaming forever. Games like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World and Super Punch-Out! are still available.

  1. Mega Drive Mini – SEGA Genesis

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If you are a person that loved the 90s era of SEGA gaming, you are in luck just because SEGA Genesis is now available. This console includes all the things like the original and you still get cartridge slots that you have to blow away dust before playing. The gaming library includes 42 games of the all-time classics and has the original sounds and menu from back in the days.

  1. PlayStation Classic

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This is more for 20s generation that likes to bring back to life all the fun times and revolutionary games. The original PlayStation 1 is one of the best-selling consoles in all times coming at fourth place, so no wonder they decided to remake it in a miniature form. Unfortunately, fans thing that they could have done a better job by making it as close as possible to the original. For example, you don’t get the good old dual-shock controllers and you only get 20 games which a bit disappointing. However, there are constant updates on the game library so you will get mixed games from time to time.

  1. Atari Flashback 8 Gold Deluxe

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This is an example of modern technology in a retro outfit. Atari Flashback 8 is well-built console that has wireless controllers, 720p HDMI, and 120 pre-installed games to enjoy. Games like Adventure, Swordquest and Yar’s Revenge are now available and even though they are emulated, they still run pretty smoothly.

  1. Retron 5

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This is a console that combines some of the best Nintendo and Sega classic games. Basically, it is an Android-based machine or NES cartridge and all games are played through emulator. The great thing is that the output is 1080p on HDTV, as a result of this, all games play exactly the same as the originals. The most disappointing thing on this console is the quality. It is built by thin plastic that makes the whole console flimsy.

These are some of the all-time classic consoles where you can play retro games in modern times. This trend will continue as more fans demand more retro consoles brought back to life. However, some manufacturers have to start thinking about improving some of the issues with the old consoles and improve quality on the new once so you can play them and do not worry about glitches or blowing into cartridges.

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