Video gaming has taken a whole new form in today’s world. But back in the 90s’ when the internet connection was dead slow and one had to use dial-up and Disk Operating System in their computers, the memories of playing games are still vivid. These days, one can’t just find vapes and other smoking stuff from smokingthings, but also find video games of the past.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 

Action-oriented, strategy, 3d graphics, gameplay, name it, one can find all the elements in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Also, the player needs to solve a whole lot of puzzles to get going in the game of Prince of Persia. One of the factors that make the players go awe is the incorporation of the best computer graphics that grabbed the eyeballs of the players.

Theme Hospital 

This was one of the games that were trending in the year 1997. The player can get to build a hospital right from the treatment room to the operation theatre. He also gets to play the role of a doctor treating all kinds of rare diseases. The player also gets to hire staff who can maintain the hospital premises.


In today’s gaming scenario, one can see First Person Shooter games like PUBG, Call of Duty taking up the center stage. If one had to mention a game that ruled the gaming list back in the 90s’, then it has to be Counter-Strike. It was a sensation back then and there are many today who would want to download the game of Counterstrike and play alongside PUBG.

Simcity 2000 

Simcity 2000 is a game that revolves around creating a city, installing the equipment needed for proper maintenance of the city. Apart from just building the tall skyscrapers, one can also decide on the terrain of the city. For the 90s kids, who are used to build a lot of structures using LEGO sticks, these kinds of games came as a huge surprise.

Audition Online 

Audition Online is one of the best games that worked only on mouse click. The user has to click on the characters one gets to see on the screen to make it groove to the tunes being played in the background. One can also create a playlist of your favorite tunes, choose your favorite avatar, and use it in the game. This game can now be downloaded from various websites.

Tyrian 2000 

This is one of those games developed back in the 1990s’ that work on space genre. The player has to maneuver the space ship across space without getting hit by the enemy’s space vehicles. The idea of meteorites floating in the air and extra-terrestrial life makes one glued to the graphics of this game.

There can be other interesting games in the 90s as well. But there are certain special aspects of these games that make it worth the playtime. One would sure start to reminisce about their childhood as they play these games.

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