I may have been the new kid on the block when it came to PC Gaming in 1995, but even as a console gamer, I knew the Ultima series carried some significant clout. The console versions of some of the Ultima games never crossed my path, but I knew that many of the RPGs I was playing had their roots shaped by Ultima.

Around early 1996, I would get my first chance to play an Ultima game, and that initial experience would be that of the latest entrant in the series, Ultima VIII: Pagan. My experience was dreadful. The mouse controls were awful; I had no idea what to do to progress in the game, and I often wandered the world aimlessly. If I wasn’t getting arrested and executed in town for simple mistakes, I was getting my butt kicked by all the combatants in Pagan. I tried very hard to enjoy Pagan. I loved the look of the world of Pagan, the overall dark tones…

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