Funnily enough during today I’ve been trying my utmost to find my original Gameboy which was given over to my Brother some years ago. Sadly I haven’t been able to find it, but at least this latest release by Roman Werner of the original Gameboy game Bill & Ted’s Excellent Game Boy Adventure on the C64 , will rekindle some of those great memories! Yes indeed, as a surprising release we’ve been told that LJN/Beam Software’s legendary game has now been converted over to the Commodore 64 and can be enjoyed by all!

Here is what the itch io page says about the game “No way! Yes way. This, my friends, is the conversion of the legendary Bill & Ted Game Boy™ game by LJN/Beam Software to the Commodore 64. I used to have this cartdrige in the 90’s with my Game Boy and really enjoyed the fast pace and simple but addictive game mechanics. Also the music is great. And you can play as Keanu Reeves – what could be more awesome. So I remade the game from scratch for the C64. SID music was done by Nordischsound. Enjoy! It’s free!”

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