Billy Mitchell will be coming to the Retro City Festival in January –  And Old School Gamer will be there giving out issue #2 of our magazine.


The star of King of Kong and history’s most famous video game player is coming to Retro City Festival! Presented by Old School Gamer Magazine, Billy will be there to meet you and play some games and enjoy the Retro City Festival!
Billy Mitchell – History’s most famous video game player. Proclaimed the Video Game Player of the Century at the 1999 Tokyo Game Show, Billy has enjoyed a remarkable career that included history’s first perfect score on Pac-Man (3,333,360 points on July 3, 1999) and appearing in the 1982 LIFE magazine photograph that featured the video game superstars of the Golden Age of video games. Famous the world over as the iconic creator of Rickey’s World Famous Sauce, Billy is based in Hollywood, Florida and is the co-creator of the annual Kong Off (the official Donkey Kong World Championship).

Check out and hopefuly we will see you there!

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