This piece originally appeared in the Video Game Collector Magazine, but has been updated and added to with more current information including from an interview at Galaxy of Games in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Q: The film King of Kong made you a celebrity in even more people’s eyes who weren’t familiar with you from the gaming world, even though you had long-standing records and achievements. Has anyone tried to license your image or make any Billy Mitchell products?

BM: Truthfully I get asked about that stuff all the time. People always say ‘You should do this or that’ but it’s usually not anyone that can be taken seriously. If my friend from high school says ‘You should make a bunch of Billy Mitchell shirts and sell them’ I’m like ‘You go ahead and we’ll split the money.’ All that stuff takes too much time. So no, no one has paid me to license my image; they just use it to be nasty on the internet.  [I’VE had friends tell me] “I Friend Requested you on Facebook.” And I say, “No you didn’t.” “Yes, I did.” “No, you didn’t.” “I did.”

Q: So you aren’t on Facebook, at all then, but I’ve seen more than a couple with your picture on it.

BM: Some of them, I’m told, are quite flattering. There’s about seven different Facebooks I’m told, for Billy Mitchell Mitchell. There’s even one that’s Billy Mitchell’s hair. Well, anyway, one of the people recently who I don’t know, who I’ve never spoke to, who are doing a Facebook for me, just on their own, certainly without my knowledge or consent or interaction, contacted Walter, and said that they want to surrender the Facebook to him. They said that they would have done it to me, but they don’t know how to contact me. And as of yet — they haven’t done it yet. Read the rest of this article on page 35 by clicking here!




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