We’ve featured many Dungeon Crawlers over the years, from ones such as Eye of the Beholder, with its first person grid based movement, to the top down turn based ones such as Descending Dungeons. This game however called ‘Binary Battle’ by Haplo and team, is not only a dungeon crawler, but according to the creator “is a novel take on the genre that is inspired by GEOS and the PC game Folder Dungeon”. A game that can be seen being played in this latest footage sent to us by Saberman of the Plus/4 version.


Here’s the latest from the website. “You have just woken up to find out your floppy disk is full of viruses! Unfortunately, it contains the only copy source code of the game you have been working on in the past months… Recover the source code before the disk is damaged beyond repair! Luckily, you have an excellent antivirus program, Binary Battle, at your disposal. Use it to destroy all the viruses before it is too late. Go through the depths of five levels of your disk, kill viruses, upgrade your powers, collect coins and spend them on upgrades, find keys to the encrypted chests and find the exit to the next level”.
  • Code and graphics: Haplo
  • Additional graphics: Andy Johns
  • Music (Plus/4): Csabo
  • Manual: Marukpa
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