Welcome to the inaugural edition of Brett’s Old-School Bargain Bin, where I’ll be pointing you to games that won’t break your bank account. Instead of rushing out to buy a Nintendo Switch for $400 (if you can find it), plus a couple of $60 games, why not kick back on the cheap with some retro gaming goodness?

Since I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Q*bert creator Warren Davis recently, I decided to start by looking at the straight-up Q*bert port for the ColecoVision and the reimagining/expansion of the concept for Sony’s original PlayStation. The games will set you back about $7 each—cartridge only for the ColecoVision, complete for the PlayStation.


  • ColecoVision
  • Publisher: Parker Brothers. Developer: Parker Brothers.

• Maze/Puzzle/Non-Scrolling Platformer, 1 or 2 players (alternat- ing). 1983.

Most anyone who haunted the arcades in the early 1980s remembers Q*bert. It was a quirky game with unique controls, addictive gameplay, crisp graphics, bright colors, and a humorous protagonist. It was a game boys and girls and men and women could enjoy. It was cute and easy to learn,yet challenging once you got past the first couple of screens.

When Parker Brothers began licensing popular arcade games for the ColecoVision, fans of the system were excited that they could play high quality versions of such titles as Gyruss, Popeye, and Star Wars: The Arcade Game on what was then the most advanced gaming system available. Along with Frogger, the most highly anticipated of the Parker Brothers ports was undoubtedly Q*bert. – Read the rest of this article by clicking here!


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