I like a good, epic solo adventure like H.E.R.O. for the ColecoVision, or God of War for the PlayStation 2, as much as anyone, and I also enjoy playing (and replaying) any number of quickie twitch games, all by my lonesome.

However, there’s nothing quite like facing off against fellow gamers for a little couch co-op. Even better are the battles. The laughs, the trash talking, the intense onscreen fights, and possibly the occasional real-life tears—it’s as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.

Two of my favorite multi-player games I return to again and again are Warlords for the Atari 2600 and Mega Bomberman for the Sega Genesis. The former is a rock-solid port of one of the best four-player games of all time while the latter is my favorite Bomberman game for any console. In the Weiss household, we break out both games every time my nephew Chris comes home from Japan to visit.

For cartridge only, you can easily find Warlords for $5 or less at most any well-stocked retro gaming store. Mega Bomberman is much more expensive at $30 or so, but the countless hours you’ll likely spend playing the game make it easily worth the price. Read the rest of the article here from  Old School Gamer!

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