Looking to play a charming and family friendly game for Easter, then this game by RobSmithDev and Virgill might just the game for you! It’s ‘Bunny’s Boing Ball Bounty’ for the Commodore Amiga. A game in which playing as a cute Bunny, you must collect all the Eggs as fast as possible on a rotating Amiga Boing Ball! To coincide with this news, not only do we have some footage for you from Saberman, but also a screenshot from the game below.

Here’s the latest from the creator for a game that was created in AMOS. “This is a speed-run challenge! Your aim is to collect as many easter eggs as possible as fast as possible! So clearly the path you take is important! You control a rabbit, bouncing around a classic Amiga Boing-Ball, and aside from collecting eggs theres some other things to watch out for: Energy Drink – Rabbit will hop faster for a short time allowing you to complete the level quicker. Be careful… it might be too fast, and a Bomb – Avoid at all costs! This will kill your rabbit and end the game”.

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