Call of Duty Warzone is no doubt one of the most popular games of recent times. It is played by thousands of players on a daily basis. It is also one of the most exciting games available to us. However, in order to make sure that you play your game with maximum potential, you need to be aware of certain tips and tricks. So, here we are with some of the best tips and tricks that will help you to win the Call of Duty Warzone. Do check out the below-mentioned hacks and also visit for better suggestions

Move quickly to the battlefield:

It is very important for you to take the quickest path possible to the battlefield. In case you are slow, you may be killed beforehand. Try to touch the battlefield quickly by deploying your parachute. Otherwise, your enemies will start firing at you even before you land. So, make it a point to end up on the battlefield as fast as possible.

Try to kill your enemies even before you land:

The Battle Royale game can have a maximum of 150 players and every player you eliminate will increase your chances of winning the game. One of the best ways to eliminate your enemies is to start firing at your rivals while you are still in the air. For that, you will have to cut your parachute a little during your descent. You can then use your gun to shoot your rifles and then deploy the parachute again.

Try to spot your enemies:

It is very important for you to spot all your enemies on the map. Until and unless you’re aware of the location of your enemies, you will never be able to overpower them. In order to spot all your enemies, you can get yourself a sophisticated UAV. This will help you to easily spot all the players in the game. You will also be able to see their positions and orientations. This will make it easy for you to get rid of your enemies quickly.

Make use of the ping:

The ping is a very important part of Call of Duty Warzone. It will allow you to mark all your enemies in the game and also make way for yourself. It is a very convenient way of informing all your teammates what exactly is around them. You should not forget to double-click the ping. This will help you to warn your nearby enemies.

Share your loot with your teammates:

Do not try to be mean. It is always a very good idea to share your loot with all your teammates. This is mainly important because even if you get killed in the game, there are chances of your revival. Your teammates can use some amount of money in order to buy you back in the game. This can be done from any of the BuyStation. That is why you must share all your loots with your teammates so that they are able to revive you back in case you die in the game.

Make proper use of the weapons:

You should try to use your weapons really carefully in the game. You can try fixing the weapons to a base. This will help you to reduce the gun’s recoil. This will also allow you to aim more accurately at your enemies. This can be a real game-changer during your game.

Try completing contracts every now and then:

The best way to make a sufficient amount of cash money is to complete your contract. Contracts can be a really good addition to the game. It can help you to loot boxes and also make a lot of money in the game. Contracts can be of different types. They will help you to generate a lot of cash money. You can also be granted special abilities by completing these contracts. This is also going to give you a really good headstart in the game.

Try to shield yourself:

It is very important for you to keep yourself protected at all times. Warzone will not provide you with any kind of protective gear or helmet to protect you. Instead, you can get some armor plates that can be applied under your uniform. Each player up to three armor plates increases their health. However, you can store up to five armor plates with you so that you can provide the extra material to the teammates during times of need.

And this is all about Call of Duty Warzone. The game can be a really interesting one if played strategically. So, make your strategies well and keep making progress in the game. Also, for more useful tips and tricks for survival in the game, you may get in touch with us and we will help you out by providing you with the required information.

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