Playing video games is one of the most favored pastimes for people. Many online streamers have made a substantial following by streaming their game playthroughs or walkthroughs. However, more often than not, we see gaming streamers getting frustrated because of glitches and bugs. Once you start playing video games regularly, it becomes unavoidable to experience bugs in your games.

Video game glitches are usually faulty errors in the game code, which can sometimes be funny. According to CyberGhost’s blog piece, some of the most iconic video game glitches, such as the horse in Witcher 3 that defies the laws of physics, or the disappearing face glitch in Assassins Creed Unity, are quite famous among gamers as they happen to so many players. However, if you are experiencing multiple bugs while playing a game, you should take some preventive measures to save your game progress and protect your device.

How Can Bugs Affect the Video Gaming Experience?

There have been numerous glitches in video games throughout the years, some of which are quite well-known in the gaming community. For example, World of Warcraft’s pandemic bug has to be one of the most famous. It caused a debuff that would spread to others like a virus, causing panic among players.

On the other hand, there have been some funny glitches in popular games like Madden NFL 15 and FIFA 14, where the character design was altered. Usually, such bugs are not harmful and create a fun gaming experience.

However, not all glitches and bugs are fun. For example, Super Mario Bros had a glitch called the minus world. If gamers encountered this glitch, it became impossible for them to escape the world. These glitches can cause unavoidable death loops and affect players’ game progress, creating a frustrating gaming experience.

To ensure that you can avoid gaming glitches, you should report any new bugs to the developers as soon as you encounter them. Sometimes the issue is not in the game but in your computer. If facing graphical glitches, you should check your graphic card specifications and update your drivers.

It is also recommended to check your network stability if facing frame rate issues, especially in online games. Suppose you still face problems while gaming and the visuals and audio lagging; you should stop any activities that might tamper with your bandwidth. In short, you should not have other programs running in the background as they might affect your network bandwidth.


Video games are quite prone to glitches and bugs. With a huge amount of code being written, game developers can’t remove every bug. Even though most of these bugs are, at most, a small inconvenience, some bugs can also degrade your game progress.

Users need to keep saving their game progress and stay informed about any updates within the game. It is also important to check your device compatibility with the video game you are playing, or it can also harm your device.

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