Easily available from a variety of sources for less than $5 (cartridge only—a boxed copy might set you back $10 or so), Carnival is an unusual game in that it’s one of relatively few slide-and-shoot titles not set in outer space. Rather, as its title suggests, it’s a target shooting game with a traditional theme, sporting such targets as rabbits, owls, and ducks.

Players guide a gun right and left along the bottom of the screen, firing upward at the aforementioned animals, which move horizontally in rows and descend one row each time they pass. If a duck gets to the bottom (of three) rows and isn’t shot, it will come to life, leave the row, and fly downward. If the player doesn’t kill the duck in time, it will continue on to the bottom of the screen and eat several of the player’s bullets, which are lined up in a row.

Indeed, ammunition plays a big role in Carnival, so players should aim well and not waste bullets. Targets marked “5” and “10” appear in the rows and should be shot for extra bullets. In addition, a box at the top/left portion of the screen can also be shot for extra bullets (or extra points). Be warned, though, because shooting that box when a negative symbol is showing will decrease the bullet supply (or point total).

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