The Atari home computer series is not typically what one thinks of when asked about the better video game systems of the early 80’s. But why not? The Atari 8-bit computer line (400, 800,1200) provided
some of the best graphics, gameplay, and outright fun that could be had on your parents’ 19″ Zenith. Due to the fact that it was a computer, people probably tended to think of using it for application-style software such as home finance, word processing, or educational offerings. But we CLASSIC GAMERS know the Atari 8-bit library is filled with wonderful arcade style challenges, clever puzzles, and an adventurous atmosphere, all which result in exceptional replay value. One game in particular that combines all
these elements is Roklan’s CASTLE HASSLE.

CASTLE HASSLE was actually designed by a smaller outfit called JV Software, and marketed in cartridge
format by the good folks at Roklan. The game is unique for a variety of reasons, the most striking of which is the player’s character. You’re a GHOST! Yes, a spook, a specter, a spirit. That which is usually reserved for the enemy in other games (Haunted House, Crystal Castles, and of course, Pac-Man) is your ally in this adventure. The plot is simply to control this ghost while he searches for treasure in a giant castle. The ghost has the ability to transform into useful objects (more on this later) but generally just has to rely on
evasiveness, cunning, and intelligence to complete his mission.

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