Centipede: Recharged takes the premise of the original Centipede’s “Kill them first before they kill you” mechanics and injects some new life into the classic trackball Atari game. Fans of the original game will be right at home as soon as they fire up the single-player mode of Recharged. Vector-like neon mushrooms appear on the screen, and within seconds the centipedes are creeping down the screen in an attempt to destroy your Bug Blaster.The Bug Blaster has learned a thing or two since its original Centipede encounter and had added to its firepower. Along with the centipedes and other creatures that appear on the screen, blasting certain bugs that appear near you will leave powerups that will boost your guns. These powerups range from a rapid-fire shot, spread shot, explosive shots, and other unique attacks. These powerups are definitely a big portion of what gives this game a new coat of paint from the original game. The bugs come at you fast and furious, and blowing them up is satisfying as they explode in the midst of colored pixels.

If the single-player game does not provide enough variety for players, the new challenge mode provides a unique take on the Centipede formula. One challenge stage may present you with a simple task like reaching a high score, but other levels will give you specific challenges like blowing up 50 enemies with the bomb powerup.    A co-op mode is also available in Centipede: Recharged, giving you the chance to bust some bugs with local multiplayer.

Centipede: Recharged is a perfect “pick-up and play” game for those looking for a quick fix of classic arcade action with a modern twist to it. Fans of the classic Centipede will love this updated take, and casual gamers that are looking for a break to play something for a quick game break will fit right into the challenging but easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics.


Centipede: Recharged


Arcade, Retro


Steam, Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Switch, Atari VCS


Single Player, Local 2-Player Co-op




Adamvision Studios, SneakyBox

Release Date:

September 29, 2021




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