In the 1980’s, your morning breakfast cereal often served up more than processed enriched flour, pounds
of sugar, and colors not normally found in nature. Sometimes, if you were lucky or if you were willing to do a little collecting, your morning bowl of Sugar-Frosted ChocoBrix could also get you an Atari cartridge. Heck, back then, Fido’s bowl of dog chow could get you an Atari cart.

During Atari’s heyday, it seemed like every company was fighting to get a piece of the video game market. Everybody had an offer or contest where you could buy, win, or save up for a game for your VCS. Saving up coupons, entering contests, and filling out mail-in offers were great ways to expand your game collection. (Hey, $40 per game was a lot of money when you were 10 years old.)

One company that got into the video game premium frenzy during the ’80s was Kool Aid. The Kool Aid Man game was originally only offered through Kool Aid Wacky Warehouse offers. By saving up the proofs-of-purchases found on the empty packets, you could send away for the game. Later though, Kool Aid Man was available in retail stores.

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