“Joysticks” Review by Kyle Snyder

One of the things the 80s was infamous for was the glut of teen sex comedies across the movie screens of America. This trend began in 1978 with “Animal House,” and continued with films such as 1981’s “Porky’s” and 1984’s “Revenge of the Nerds.” Now, for each of these well written classics, there were at least ten poorly written, cheesy attempts at the genre that went straight to video or cable TV. Remember “Malibu Bikini Shop” or “Spring Break”? Of course you don’t. You probably don’t remember “Joysticks” either.

“Joysticks” opened in the summer of 1982 with tepid box office sales and has since been slumming around the wee morning hours of non-network TV, and USA’s “UP All Night.”

The story has some promise. An influential businessman wants to shut down the local game room, claiming video games contribute to the immorality and poisoning of our youth. The teens fight back in town hall, bringing forth photos of the businessman involved in questionable acts, and eventually everything gets settled. The kids win. The arcade stays open. – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Gamer Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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