The closest thing the Atari 7800 has to Super Mario Bros., Scrapyard Dog is the type of side-scrolling platform game that was popular during the late ’80s and early ’90s.  Players guide an ugly, big-nosed guy names Louie through six rounds (17 levels in all) of junkyards, cities and sewers, jumping on or throwing cans (or bombs) at gangsters, rats, birds, and other enemies.  There are some tricky jumps and lots of obstacles, meaning the shields players can acquire (and store up) come in handy.  Bonus rooms throughout the levels contain mini-games and special items, and there are shops for purchasing super cans, extra lives, and other helpful items.  Scrapyard Dog is a must-have for 7800 devotees, since it’s the only game of its type for the system, but the lead character lacks the charisma to be considered a console mascot.

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