Publisher : Atari. Developer: Atari, Action, 1 or 2 Players (alternating). 1987

A very nice port of Atari’s highly entertaining arcade game (1983), Food Fight for the 7800 has players guiding gluttonous Charlie Chuck (who starts on the right side of the screen) around a non-scrolling playfield, avoiding manholes, angry chefs, and flying food items.  The goal is to make it to an ice cream cone (which is positioned on the left side of the screen) before it melts.  Luckily, Charlie can throw spinach, salads, tomatoes, pies, watermelons, and other food items at the chefs (named Angelo, Zorba, Oscar and Jacques), who remain in constant pursuit.  The graphics and concept in general are simplistic (in a good way),  the action is fast and fun, and the theme lends itself well to humor (just watch Charlie as he opens wide to gulp down his ice cream).  Food Fight was only ported to the 7800, giving owners of the system some much-needed braking rights.

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