On January 31st, The Video Game History Foundation hosted a charity event with four power players straight from the pages of Nintendo Power. Hosted by Frank Cifaldi, Howard Phillps, Gail Tilden, Leslie Swan, and Jeff Bafus reminisced about many behind-the-scenes details about the development of Nintendo Power. Old School Gamer was present during the charity event and submitted several questions on portions of the magazine that had not been discussed before.

Under the guidance of Nintendo of America Present Minoru Arakawa, Howard Phillps and Gail Tilden worked in conjunction with Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co. to design a magazine for the United States that echoed the design and information of Famitsu Magazine, among others, in Japan. While many made Nintendo Power Magazine out to be just a propaganda tool to sell more Nintendo games, the Nintendo Power team felt differently about it. “It’s difficult for players to finish games, so we wanted to give them a lot of support,” said Gail Tilden, first editor-in-chief of Nintendo Power. “There was this huge emphasis of wanting kids to have a pleasant experience with games,” replied Leslie Swan, second editor in chief and Localization Director. Howard Phillips, the original Nintendo Game Master,

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