I just recently attended Combo Breaker in St. Charles, IL and while I was mostly there to witness the fights and cover the event for Old School Gamer Magazine, I was excited to see what vendors would be there offering merchandise. While most of the merchandise at the event was what you would expect to see for sale like fighting sticks, Collector Cup had the most unique items available to purchase.

Collector Cup offers heavy duty drinking cups with official licenses from games such as Street Fighter, Mega Man (Capcom), The Division 2, and Assassin’s Creed (Ubisoft). As you could imagine, the Street Fighter cups fit right in with the fighting game atmosphere at Combo Breaker. While I was tempted to pick up Chun-Li and Cammy from Street Fighter V, I opted to pick up Ryu and Mega Man. I love how the colors of the cup accurately match the color scheme of the characters. Ryu and Mega Man’s cup colors fit right in with their printed graphics, and the heated transfer of the graphics is very high quality.

cupswithcoinsWhile most would be content enough with picking these cups up and proudly displaying them in their game collection, I’m happy to report that these cups deliver in usability, just as much as they provide in looks. At 24 ounces, this cup is plenty big enough to hold your favorite beverage, plus they are leak free! I recently opened my pool up for the season and needed a cup that I could trust not to leak. Thankfully, my Collector Cups fit the bill nicely. There’s nothing worse than spilling a Moscow Mule in a pool and these cups took that worry away. There are a variety of officially licensed video game cups out there, but many of them share a common theme: you can’t use them in a dishwasher. Thankfully, Collector Cups are top rack dishwasher safe, which means that Ryu and Mega Man will be seeing a lot more use compared to my other gaming cups.

As a neat extra, Collector Cups come with a beautiful little bonus item with each cup you purchase: a limited edition collector’s coin. These are lovely little extras that are fun to display and look fantastic. At $16.99 each, you are getting a great deal for a high quality, very durable cup that will show off your gaming roots in a unique way. These cups and more merchandise can be purchased over at https://collectorcup.com.

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