Strictly Limited Games announces Collector´s Edition of R-Type Dimensions EX for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The strictly limited boxed versions will be available for pre-orders from February 24th.

Stuttgart, February 7th, 2019 Stuttgart-based publisher Strictly Limited Games, specializing in the release of strictly limited physical collector’s editions of digital games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch, today announced the launch of the Collector´s edition of the shoot-em-up title R-Type Dimensions EX. The collection includes the faithful 2D versions of R-Type I and R-Type II, two of the most influential shoot-em-up games in video game history, by Japanese cult developer IREM. Both titles have also been reworked with great attention to detail by Tozai Games in 3D to excite newcomers and veterans alike. Strictly Limited Games releases R-Type Dimensions EX as a physical version in a strictly limited edition for Nintendo Switch at the price of 49.99 Euro and for PlayStation 4 at the price of 44.99 Euro.

The arcade shooter R-Type Dimensions EX contains the two classic side scrollers of the 90s, which have significantly shaped a complete genre. The player has to save the universe from the evil Bydo in his spaceship. The Bydo were created by humans with the original goal of protecting humanity from enemies, but this plan backfired. The Bydo turned against their creators and were quickly disposed of in another dimension using a wormhole generator. There, the evil aliens evolved and succeeded in returning to our universe to wipe out humanity.

In a total of 14 thrilling levels, players can shoot their way through the Bydo-contaminated worlds alone or in pairs and switch between the original Retro 2D graphics and the completely reworked 3D mode at the touch of a button. In the new version, the music has also been completely re-recorded and additional sound effects have been integrated. The classic gameplay remains unchanged and therefore the whole thing feels at least as fresh today as it did 30 years ago. The only relief is the number of ships, because unlike the arcade version, players have an infinite number of lives at their disposal in the form of ships. In addition, with the free level selection you can play and train your favorite level over and over again.

For the first time in many years it is now possible to purchase a physical version of the two grandiose shoot-em-ups for PlayStation and Nintendo platforms. The additional 3D remastering makes this limited edition a timeless collection that no arcade lover should miss.

The Collector´s edition of R-Type Dimensions EX for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 will be limited to 2,000 units (Switch) and 1,000 units (PS4) and will be available for pre-orders exclusively from Strictly Limited Games’ online shop from February 24th at the price of 49.99 Euro for Nintendo Switch and 44.99 Euro for PS4. There will also be standard versions of R-Type Dimensions EX for Switch and PS4. The also limited versions (3,000 Switch, 2,000 PS4) will be available for 24.99 Euro for PS4 and 29.99 Euro for Nintendo Switch.

About Strictly Limited Games
Strictly Limited Games is a German publisher based near Stuttgart, specialized in releasing a curated selection of digital download-only games in exclusive collectible physical editions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch. The company was founded in 2017 by Dennis Mendel, former scholar for game studies and advisor at Fraunhofer Institute, and Benedict Braitsch. Both passionate collectors with a combined collection of over 7.000 digital and physical games for all console generations, their intention is to form an opposite pole to the current trend of digital-only releases. With their personal hobbyhorse game-archaeology they want to make their own contribution to game-preservation. All collectors’ editions are available exclusively at Strictly Limited Games online store

About Tozai Games
From the classics of yesterday to the original IP of tomorrow, Tozai Games delivers lasting gaming experiences to passionate gamers around the globe. Based in Bellevue, Washington, and Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan, Tozai Games is an experienced team of professionals dedicated to building successful licensing and publishing relationships around the world.

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