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Welcome to another installment of a column dedicated exclusively to Old School Gamers and Old School Games from the Golden Age of gaming. These gamers, back in the day, had to physically use a coin or token to start a video game. The earning of these coins was mostly accomplished after some form of work, usually the hard or difficult variety. After that money was earned, there was the trip to the glorious ARCADE. ARCADE is written in ALL CAPS because it is the Old School Gamer’s origin and sanctuary. It was, and shall always be remembered, as a hallowed place. Respect your origins.

If you were to ask me to share the secret of the KONAMI Code on the playground back in 4th grade (‘89), I would of whispered “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, SELECT, Start”. My best buddy Brian McKinney and I lost a lot of good soldiers playing Contra on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that year. Our adolescent run and gunning skills were hard pressed against the Red Falcon. Unlocking those 30 LIVES was imperative to the success of our mission. I didn’t dare play without my comrade, forever altering the way I’ve remembered the KONAMI Code.

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, KONAMI announced the release of the Contra Anniversary Collection, coming early this summer:

After more than 30 years since its debut, the Contra franchise has defined the run-and gun genre. The Contra Anniversary Collection will bring classic Contra titles previously released on arcade and console units including CONTRA (arcade version), SUPER CONTRA (arcade version), Super C, Contra III: THE ALIEN WARS and more. In the collection, fans can access an in-game Bonus Book documenting the history of Contra and see how the franchise rose to prominence over the decades and became the beloved series it is today.

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