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Some events we go for the crowds, some for the spread of games, and some events we go to meet new people. Friends of Old School Gamer have produced a great event in the Chicago area for the last couple years called the Video Game Summit, and Old School Gamer has been hearing about it ever since Todd Friedman, one of the promoters, started working for us nearly 2 years ago.

I was able to attend, along with Advisory Board Member and Industry Legend Walter Day, along with summer marketing intern Dagan White and were treated to a fun event well worth the drive from our Grimes, IA headquarters. Thanks to the staff and everyone involved. We felt very welcomed and enjoyed our stay in Chicago.



I want to quickly say something before talking about the Classic Game Fest that was in Austin, TX July 27-28. I have never been outside of the Austin Airport in Texas, and I have never seen so many taco and bbq trucks, Uber scooters, and so many hospitable people in one area. I was impressed and want to go back. Having said that…

The CGF, held at the Palmer Events Center downtown Austin, was yet another eye opener for everything in the world of retro gaming. Setting up for the event, I was given a warm welcome by the crew from Game Over Videogames, a business that has several locations all around the Austin area. They were extremely helpful and accommodating to everything I needed to get set up.

The other vendors were also the same way. Compared to some of the other shows that I have been to, I would say that there were more artists at this one. The type of medium used was a wide variety: paint, print, metal, leather, beads, and more, which created a high level of challenge as I decided what I was going to purchase. Read the rest of the article here from Old School Gamer!

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