On May 18th, 2019, Old School Gamer Magazine was proud to be a part of the CinciClassic Retro Convention, located in the Cincinnati, OH suburb of Ft. Thomas, KY. We had a double booth set up on the far wall, so we had a great view of all the comings and goings of the convention as well as being able to talk to a lot of great people, as well as other vendors. While there, we gave away hundreds of free copies of Old School Gamer Magazine, and, while we were at it, signed them up for free digital subscriptions!

The event was a bit difficult to find, as it was located in an event center attached to an antique co-op, however, once you walked in, you knew it was something special. There were a lot of great local and regional brick and mortar and online retailers selling their wares, as well as some gaming tournaments, vintage console stations, artists, and a few special guests (Master Daniel Pesina of Mortal Kombat fame and Fluke Skywalker, an incredible elder Luke Skywalker doppelganger).

The event was a little bit on the smaller side, but a lot of fun packed into a short one-day event. Cincinnati has a bubbling retro/vintage gaming scene just waiting for an event like this to get even bigger. If you’re in the area next year I would highly recommend it. I’m guessing, based on the throngs of people that came in and out of that event, that next year’s event will be even bigger (there is clearly high demand)! My hope for next year is more vintage arcade and pinball machines and maybe even some more vintage arcade tournaments (vs console tournaments project on walls – which are great, but I’d love to see it go that retro!) Read the rest of the article here from Old School Gamer!

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