Another retro gaming news story has hit our inbox, as Saberman was kind enough to let us know through Facebook, that if you’re looking for a rather unique platformer for your ZX Spectrum, then you might like to play Miguetelo’s new speccy game of ‘ Cyclus ‘; A puzzle based platformer split over two two tape sides in which you must guide Cyclus the snail to the exit using boxes, or in the case of Side B obtaining all the coins to open the door which blocks the exit.

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According to the creator : Cyclus is a game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128(music) and 48K which has two different loads (2 games in 1). Whereas in the First load (Side A of the tape) you must guide Cyclus to the exit with the help of boxes that allow him to change his direction or avoid obstacles. Cyclus movement is independent, so you must use the boxes to control it. But in the second load (Side B of the tape) however you must guide Cyclus to the exit of each level, but you need to obtain all the coins to open the door that blocks that exit.

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