Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution hit the Japanese arcade scene in 1998 as a brand-new addition to Konami’s Bemani series of music and rhythm games. Like Beatmania, Konami would utilize a specialized cabinet with a powerful sound system and a control system that transcended the simple joystick and button combination. Rather than having players use their hands on a DJ-style turntable setup, Dance Dance Revolution would require the players to move their feet. The game’s concept is simple: players must follow along to a myriad of directional steps scrolling up the screen and step to them in sync by hitting the directional arrows on a metal dance pad with their feet. The more steps you hit in succession, the higher your score – the more steps you miss could mean the end of your dance performance. The first Dance Dance
Revolution quickly caught the Japanese arcade scene’s interest, and word began to spread internationally about this unique arcade game that had players breaking a sweat at the arcade.

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