When I was in high school, the only friend of mine who had an Atari videogame was Rosalind Goldberg. Roz, as we called her, was from a family that not only owned the most ultimate high tech video game player available—the Atari 2600—but also had a home computer! They were the first on the block to own a real life home computer – an Apple II. The Goldbergs kicked ass.

I spent almost all my free time, with 4 other neighbors, at the Goldbergs, waiting for my chance to play a video game. My favorite was Super Breakout. I loved the rainbow bright colors shimmering on the Trinitron and the goofy little noises it made. Plus, it was reminiscent of the first (and yes still my favorite) video game: Pong.

There was only one problem when I played: I sucked. I could not hit that ball with the paddle for my life! The Goldbergs (being such fair people) made sure everyone got a turn until they lost. For me that was about 2 seconds and was usually to Rosalind’s mom, Gladys. Suffice to say that every afternoon I would wait an hour for a chance to play, only to lose to a 53 year old woman who was suffering the ravages of menopause. She was not what one would call a “gracious winner.” – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Gamer Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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