It was 1982 and my good friend Roxy and I went off to see the most highly anticipated film of the week: Megaforce. We were especially interested because that great new show Entertainment Tonight had just shown an “in depth” piece on how the US Army actually went out to the set to inspect the vehicles used in the film, to make sure the filmmakers were not giving away any of our “military secrets” to the “commies.” For those of you who don’t remember the 80s, the commies were our enemies, Nancy Reagan was president, and the pop group Spandau Ballet was popular (along with a host of other mostly forgotten

Upon returning to Roxy’s house, her mother (still playing Super Breakout after 8 consecutive hours) asked us how we enjoyed the movie. Roxy summed it all up when she said, “Boy, they sure wore tight pants!” Roxy was summarily sent to her room, and I was told to go home and not to take Roxy to any more “pornographic movies.”

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