Each month in Retro Revisited, Classic Console’s very own Brandon Poe picks one classic game to play. This month’s classic: Capcom’s Demon’s Crest.

As I pondered about what retro game to play next, I remembered Super Ghosts and Ghouls for the SNES. I recalled how hard it was and tossed around the idea of putting my skills to the test and giving it a run. So, I went searching for this little gem and in the process I stumbled across a different game I had forgotten all about, a diamond in the rough.

The diamond I am referring to is Demon’s Crest. I know many people may not remember this game (honestly I barely remember it) and I knew that I did not play it when I was younger, which made me want to play it even more. I could not wait to play this game simply because who doesn’t want to play as a gargoyle?

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