I remember it like it was yesterday; walking into Toys ‘R Us to get my young twins some presents for the upcoming holiday season. Of course, when I go into a toy store, the first place I go to is the video game section. Not for the kids, but for
me. I was still excited about the Nintendo Wii and the new games it had coming out this year in 2009. As I approached the game section, I noticed a weird setup on the end cap of the Wii games. To me it looked like a music studio and some sort of table that was displaying games. As I got closer, I could not believe my eyes. It was a DJ table that had a turntable and mixer on it. I was so excited but knew this could not be a game. As I looked around further, I saw the boxes of what was coming out soon – DJ HERO for the Nintendo Wii. To understand my excitement and amazement, you need to know that growing up, I had always wanted to be a DJ. I love music and entertaining people and always knew that was a perfect job for me. I did end of doing some side work as a DJ for weddings and parties, but it did not last too long as my career went in a different

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