Americans love a good monkey tale. From the legendary “King Kong” to “Planet of the Apes”, and other various cartoons, movies and television shows based on apes & monkeys. Americans are fascinated with these hairy creatures. So when Midway’s Pac-Man craze was starting to cool off, what
better character to replace it with than Donkey Kong?

Nintendo’s Donkey Kong is the first popular arcade game to bring home the old fashioned concept of “guy rescues girl” (Atari’s Superman is the first home console based game to feature this concept). Mario, the plumber, has to rescue his girlfriend from the stupid ape named “Donkey Kong.” All
the while trying to avoid, barrels, firefoxes, mad elevator springs and concrete containers. All to make his way through four different boards (girders, rivets, elevators, and conveyor/cement factory).

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