If you ask someone what they thought of Double Dragon, they’d probably tell you of an awesome Arcade beat em up released in 1987, that gave you the option to play two twin martial artists who could kick, punch and throw enemies off scene through many different levels. Well if you had this game back in the day, more especially the ZX Spectrum, then as of today you can download ‘DOUBLE DRAGON 128K’: A 2023 Edition with changes implemented such as Amstrad CPC, MSX & C64 AY music!

While the original game isn’t the best of conversions with one such Youtube commentor saying it suffered from bland graphics, dead easy and no sense of engagement at all. This version of the game does at least have an intro screen with instructions in scrolling text, trainer options, AY music from Amstrad CPC and MSX + converted music from C64, and finally Epilogue & Game Over converted from the Commodore 64. So yes if you want to play a game that is somewhat enjoyable on your ZX Spectrum, then make sure to check out Double Dragon 128k

Credits : Music by Matt Westcott
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