Even to this day, if you ask someone what they thought of Double Dragon, and they’d probably tell you of an awesome Arcade beat em up released in 1987, that gave you the option to play two twin martial artists who could kick, punch and throw enemies off scene through many different levels. Well if you had this game on pretty much every system going but felt the Amiga version was lacking, you’ll be pleased with this news update. As┬áMark Day has shown some brand new footage of the upcoming Arcade quality port which is being developed for the Amiga!

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While a more in depth write about the developments of this game can be found (here), the developer was quoted as saying not only is this being created using the Scorpion Engine requiring an Amiga 500 + 512 slow ram, but the extended gameplay footage from a recent build shows the game has a few bugs and missing a few moves, it’s coming together really fast with new top and bottom panels, functioning health bars, scores, a countdown timer, the game features AI and combat with a large number of enemy combatants at once, and lastly you can also see the palette swapping working with the Roper enemy being re-coloured just before the level loads in.

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