Jaws Unleashed
Microsoft X-Box and Playstation 2

There are not many titles that allow you to play as the antagonist. Jaws Unleashed, a free-roaming action game, fulfills that adolescent wish. Exactly how bad-ass is Jaws? Well, the tutorial alone teaches players to kill divers, attack swimmers, and destroy beach piers. By the end of the game, a themed water park  is destroyed, an oil pipeline and refinery collapse into the ocean, and even the Mayor of Amity Island is no more. Not a bad day’s work for a carnivorous marine fish. No wonder sharks are at the top of the underwater food chain.

The great white killer is equipped with sonar capabilities and is perhaps the only gill-bearing aquatic sea creature equipped with a head-up display (HUD).

Jaws can do more than just bite with his mighty and numerous rows of teeth. He can ram objects with his snout and whip targets with his mighty caudal tail. Jaws can perform a corkscrew attack as well as leap out of the water into the air and smash back down as a “body bomb.”

Hard to believe that this game was developed by Appaloosa Interactive, the same company responsible for the fish-friendly Ecco the Dolphin series.


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