New Wave Toys is proud to announce the latest addition to our RepliCade Amusements mini arcade line: Dragon’s Lair x ReplICade!

This 12 inch replica arcade machine Looks, Plays and Controls just like the vintage 1983 Dragon’s Lair Arcade Machine!

This fully-playable, arcade-accurate replica is being developed by New Wave Toys in Los Angeles, CA and is officially licensed by Digital Leisure Inc.

Dragon’s Lair, created by the legendary animator Don Bluth, was unleashed in arcades in 1983 and featured the most advanced graphics of its time, by far. The game was incredibly challenging to master, and was notably the first game to charge 50¢ per credit. Now, New Wave Toys is creating the ultimate collector’s edition replica machine in 1/6th PlayScale



Our Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade cabinet is constructed of premium wood, plastic and die-cast metal, and features a custom, second-screen scoreboard just like the original arcade machine!

RepliCade Amusements feature authentic arcade ROMs as originally released in the full-sized arcade cabinets. Our Dragon’s Lair cabinet is no exception! It runs the original Laserdisc game on the Daphne emulator, and features all of the diabolical yet rewarding difficulty you remember from the arcade release.

BONUS Mini Laserdisc Player Replica!

And because Dragon’s Lair ran on Laserdisc, we had to include this replica 1/6 scale first gen Laserdisc player as well! This 1/6 PlayScale reproduction comes complete with removable mini remote and is stored in a Rear Cabinet Storage Drawer.

FREE Early Bird BONUS: Special Edition 50¢ Key Chain!


Yup we did! We modified our die-cast metal Insert Coin Key chain that you all know and love to commemorate the first game that charged 50¢ a credit. Back the campaign in the first 72 hours and pick up this Special Edition 50¢ lighted Die-cast Metal Key Chain for FREE when you choose the $90 Early Bird Reward or Early Bird $170 2-Pack Reward! Limited edition ONLY available on Kickstarter!

What size is the Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade cabinet?

Our Dragon’s Lair replica cabinet has been designed with all of the fine, 1/6 scale details you’ve come to expect from RepliCade Amusements. Our handheld, fully functional arcade-art master piece will fit in perfectly with your 1/6 scale toys & collectables on your bookshelf, bar or desk. Our goal is to maximize the gameplay experience while staying as true to the original cabinet’s design as possible.

What are RepliCade Amusements?

At New Wave Toys, we believe that bringing home a real arcade experience means more than simply playing the original arcade ROM. The video arcade experience is a blend of many elements, and to truly bring that experience into your home requires great attention to detail.

RepliCade Amusements combine a blend of traditional design and materials with modern technology to recreate your favorite arcade classics in sixth scale.

These miniaturized arcade machines are fully playable and officially licensed by the original manufacturers. Every detail in these amazing works of arcade art has been painstakingly reproduced, including:

  • Wooden cabinet in perfect profile
  • Accurately reproduced control system
  • Mini Laser Disc player with Storage Drawer
  • Signature Arcade Accurate Audio Reproduction
  • Adjustable Dip Switch settings
  • LED illuminated marquee & cabinet accents
  • Authentic metal coin door that opens to reveal a storage compartment
  • Professionally reproduced cabinet art
  • And of course, all RepliCade machines run the original arcade game ROMs you expect!

Our goal is to give you the ability to recreate classic video game arcade ambiance in your own home or office for a fraction of the cost and size of full-sized, vintage arcade cabinets.

With RepliCade Amusements, you can finally build your very own collection of classic arcade machines from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, the perfect complement to your toy collection, game room, bar, home or office.

 Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade Features

  • Plays the original Dragon’s Lair arcade game running on Daphne Laserdisc Emulator
  • Fully functional secondary scoreboard displays player’s scores, lives, and credits
  • Traditional 4:3 Aspect Ratio on a gorgeous 4.2 inch screen
  • Owner/Operator Menu featuring dip switch settings and cabinet controls
  • Miniaturized 1/6 scale control panel featuring a 8-way joystick and authentic action buttons
  • Cabinet constructed from premium materials: wood, metal, plastic, and love
  • Die-cast metal coin door with storage compartment
  • Illuminated marquee & LED cabinet accents
  • Signature amplified multi-speaker audio reproduction with volume control
  • High-resolution cabinet art reproduction on quality 3M vinyl overlays
  • Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Mini LaserDisc player 1/6 scale replica with rear cab storage drawer
  • Officially licensed by Digital Leisure
  • 100 Day New Wave Factory Warranty
  • MSRP: $120

Fully Functional Scoreboard

Scoreboard features players Scores, Number of Dirks & Credits.

Owner/Operator’s Dip Switch Settings Menu (Only on RepliCade)


Only RepliCade features Dip Switch Settings and full Cabinet Controls. Press the Right Coin Button to access the Dip Switch Setting and Cabinet Controls Menu. Note: Menu options are not final and features may change.

Traditional 4:3 Aspect Ratio

Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade features a gorgeous 4.2 inch display (our largest screen to date) in  4:3 Aspect Ratio so you can enjoy Don Bluth’s fantastic art the way it was meant to be.

High-Quality Cabinet Art Reproduction

The spectacular Dragon’s Lair arcade cabinet artwork is professionally reproduced on high-quality 3M vinyl overlays that look and feel like the vintage cabinet.

RepliCade’s Signature Arcade Accurate Audio Reproduction

Featuring our signature full range arcade accurate audio reproduction. Dragon’s Lair features Amplified Multi-Speaker Audio Reproduction with full range Volume Control.


 Officially Licensed by Digital Leisure Inc.

All RepliCade 1/6 scale arcade machines are officially licensed.

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