Once upon a time, The Enchanted Countryside was a land of happiness and prosperity. Then, a Druid magician created an amulet so powerful, he would be able to control a dragon at his command and become invincible to whoever opposed him. When the magician entered the dragon’s cave, he fell into a trap and lost his grasp on the amulet, which then skidded into the dragon’s claw. The magician fled in terror and the amulet’s power ultimately coursed into the dragon. With his new found power, the dragon became consumed with evil and unleashed his fury of black magic onto the once peaceful kingdom. Crops withered and died, quicksand pits and swamps trapped unwary travelers, and barbaric creatures attacked those who dared to travel through the countryside. Even the king’s brave knights fell to the dragon’s fierce warriors. All hope was lost in the kingdom.

You, the mighty Dragonstomper, must restore hope by traveling the countryside to defeat the dragon’s many evil minions and collect objects and gold. Then, you must journey to the Oppressed Village and prepare for battle against the almighty dragon. Once you enter the dragon’s lair, there will be no turning back until you meet face to face with the mighty beast himself. – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Gamer Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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