When you think of Duke Nukem, you might think of actors like Arnold “Terminator” Schwarzenegger or Dolph “Ivan Drago” Lundgren. The truth is these guys don‘t have any thing on Duke. Sporting a red tank top, blue jeans, a blonde crew cut, black shades, a cigar clutched in his teeth, a bad attitude and a
penchant for kicking ass and getting the babes, Duke Nukem is one of the most iconic video game characters in gaming history. He is the ultimate bad boy and is proud of it. When he‘s not at the strip clubs tossing money at strippers while asking them to “Shake it, Baby”, he‘s out saving the planet and all our beautiful women from the aliens that have enslaved them in their conquest of planet Earth.

Duke says it best, “Nobody messes with my planet or my babes and lives”. So as I sit here and jam out
to the awesome Duke Nukem theme, join me as we take a look back on the origins of Duke‘s adventures, what he‘s done since and where his adventures in alien ass kicking will take him in the future.

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