E3, short for the “Electronic Entertainment Expo”, is the largest computer and video game show in the United States. Almost every name in the industry is present during this convention. There are leading pub-lishers, developers and manufacturers represented at this huge once a year event. More recently you will see independent developers and games that give the gamer an alternative to the big guns in the industry. Games and hardware that are coming soon and not released yet are displayed at E3. This has become the outlet for sneak peaks and launch dates. Hard-core gamers will even dress up as their favorite characters from games. Fans from all over the world come to this show in the United States to see the latest and greatest technology and games. This is truly a worldwide event. As with all great things, it must start somewhere. In this case, E3, which started back in 1995, was a huge success. Tens of thousands of people poured into the Los Angeles Convention Center that first year.

Before E3 was even established, there were events that could be attended for the electronics and gaming media. Events like the Consumer Electronic Show, which is still held each year in Las Vegas, were showcasing strictly new electronics and computer games. As the home console industry started to boom in the mid 1980’s, it got more attention by the attendees, but each…

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