When it comes to gambling, not everyone has the same luck. Some people are able to win big while others end up losing everything they have saved up. The best way to avoid this is by playing easy-to-play casino games that require less skill and more luck.

Casinos’ games providers are now a dime a dozen with more and more popping up every day. some of the biggest gaming software providers for casinos are :

Betsoft, Elk Studio, Fun-IO, NetEnt, and Pragmatic. These companies supply casinos with games that can be played in fiat currencies. Each of them is well-known for their years of experience in this industry. Pragmatic games for example have been in this industry for almost two decades now. They have a wide selection of games that is easy-to-play, fun, and addicting. They also have many popular titles who gain quite a name in the online casino world such as Sweet Bonanza, Fruit Party, Mystic Chief, Wild West Gold, and many more. 

Casinos these days have to be even more competitive in terms of the games they offer. Many online casinos are not just limited to betting, but also feature live dealer casino games. This gives players an immersive experience that will make them want to come back for more. The software providers mentioned above all work with major real-life casinos to provide a full gaming experience for their players.

Easy-To-Play Casino Games You Should Try

The games each company offers vary for each casino. Just like the games we play, there are different categories of casino games: Table and Card, Slots, and Video poker. Some casinos might require players to pay a fee before they can play their card or table-type games. If you’re playing at one of these types of casinos, you can still enjoy playing even if you don’t have a lot of money to spare. All you need is to try one of the easy-to-play casino games that we’ve listed below:


This is an extremely popular card game in casinos. It requires players to get either a total value that’s higher than the banker’s or lower. It is a zero-sum game where one player’s winnings are equivalent to the other players’ losses. The objective of the house when playing baccarat in a casino is to make sure that they get a 5.5% commission from every bet made in their casino, whereas for online casinos this commission can go as high as 8%. Baccarat can be played online and offline, but it is usually more popular in land-based casinos.


This is a table game that involves betting on specific numbers or colors. It’s very simple to play with the only requirement being the need for players to guess which number or color will be spun on the roulette wheel. This game requires no prior knowledge and is quite popular in casinos around the world.

Video Poker

This is another easy-to-play casino game that can be played at any time, anywhere. All you need is a computer or smartphone with internet access. Video poker requires players to try and achieve the best possible five-card combination using any number of cards to substitute for the ones in their hand. This game is different from regular poker games because video poker only requires one player, while regular poker games require at least two or more.


If you’re looking for an easy game to play in a casino, then this is the one for you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played any type of casino game before or not; all that’s required is the ability to press the spin button on your screen. The only knowledge needed before playing slots is knowing the symbols and what they correspond to. There are too many online casinos to list here, so it’s best you do some research on your own and find the casino that suits you best.

Casino games require a lot of strategy and knowledge before you can master them, but if you’re playing for fun rather than money then all that’s required is for you to know what games are easy and quick to play. Even if you don’t win big, these easy-to-play games will make your time worth it.

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