When I was young in the late 1980s, the console wars were just beginning between Nintendo and Sega. For whatever reason, I was always on team Sega back then. I was the only one of my friends and took pride in the Sega products and played the games almost daily. I liked the idea of backing something else besides the Nintendo giant that Nintendo Power was becoming. In 1988, Nintendo created what is still one of the most popular gaming magazines of all time,
Nintendo Power.

As much as I thought it was a cool idea to purchase a gaming magazine, and get tips and reviews and such, I couldn’t have my friends know I was supporting Nintendo as a Sega fan. I know, looking back now that was silly but it was real to support your gaming company. As months went by, as I was very close to giving up my allegiance to Sega and purchasing a Nintendo magazine, when the excitement level turned,up a huge notch in the summer of 1989. A new publication that covered all things gaming was born.

Electronic Gaming Monthly was my answer to staying true to the non-Nintendo family. I immediately subscribed so I can get the first issue that came out. I would have a publication that I could support and show all my Nintendo Power friends.

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