A main asset for Grapple Dog week. The image background has an in-game gameplay screenshot and some game-related print. Over that there's the Grapple Dog logo along with the text "Grapple Dog Week - 17-23rd October - A whole week of Pablo"
Pablo is back! Super Rare Originals and Medallion Games are super excited to announce Grapple Dog Week that’ll be taking place 17-23rd October. To kick off a whole week of content around our favourite grapple-wielding pup, we have some major announcements to share…

“Grapple Dog is a game that feels like it’d slot right in alongside the Gameboy’s best.”

— PC Gamer

“Grapple Dog absolutely has a lot of accessibility wins.”

— Can I Play That?


You heard that right! We’re ecstatic to announce that Super Rare Originals are heading to Xbox with Grapple Dog as our first-ever Xbox game. Our exhilarating 2D pixel art platformer will be released digitally on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S later this year.

🐕 6 colourful worlds – Sail across the map to explore 6 worlds, featuring 33 levels filled with hidden collectibles to find, secret areas to investigate, spectacular boss battles to overcome, and bonus levels to master

🐩 Play your way – Hone your grapple skills with optional collectibles and a testing speedrun Time Trial mode, or utilise the many in-built accessibility options to play without restrictions – have fun however you see fit

✨ Bold & funky – A bold, colourful art style from a pixel art veteran makes Grapple Dog pop from start to finish, with a funky fresh soundtrack that’s sure to stick in your head, and buttery smooth 60fps gameplay

We’ve been so excited to share this news with you and cannot wait for Xbox players to be able to experience Pablo’s lighthearted adventure. All aboard because he’s setting sail with his merry band of fearless adventurers. We’ll have a release date for you soon! But wait… there’s more!

Main asset image for the Grapple Dog collector's edition. All the items that come with this edition are highlighted in the image: the standard Switch case, the SteelBook case, trading cards, the exclusive sticker, a sticker sheet, a Pablo keyring, and the original soundtrack CD. The body text reads "1,250 collector edition copies - 27th October - only at"


The day has finally come that we can announce that Grapple Dog is zipping its way to the Nintendo Switch in a physical format! A total of 5,000 copies and these are split between three different editions of the game!

🐶 3,000 Standard Editions – Releasing with all the current content on its cart, a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and trading cards.

🐕 750 SteelBook Editions – Releasing with both Standard and SteelBook editions of the game and a slipcover.

🐕‍🦺 1,250 Collector’s Editions – Releasing with both Standard and SteelBook editions of the game, the original soundtrack CD, a sticker sheet, and a Pablo keyring.

All editions will go on sale on October 27th at 6pm BST (10am PDT/1pm EDT) – available worldwide exclusively at

Email Ryan and Anni at for press enquiries, Xbox review keys, and physical samples (limited stock available).



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