Well, it was a running joke with the Street Fighter 2 series that Capcom didn’t know how to count to 3. Originally launched on the Capcom Play System in 1991, Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior invigorated a dying arcade scene with fierce head-to-head competition, unlike anything ever seen before.

With the game’s success came two official sequels: Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition and Street Fighter 2: Turbo, each subsequent game adding new moves, more speed, and access to boss characters. For Capcom’s 4th upgrade into the Street Fighter 2 series, they opted to¬† unleash their latest arcade hardware to provide a fresh experience to fighting game fans in the form of the Capcom Play System 2. Though Street Fighter fatigue had already started to show among fans; Super Street Fighter 2 launched on the CPS2 and was met with open arms. With enough sales of both the arcade and console versions of Super Street Fighter 2 to justify it,

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